The form of photography and movement through an image

November 2022

Tokyo Inspired Holiday WishesKon’nichiwa ✌️ こんにちは - my new greeting as I think about other places besides here for a moment. My desire for wanderlust takes me to other locat…

October 2022

Some of the greatest names in Street photography can teach us something about exposing a great composition
Expanding my Portfolio: 3 Street Photography Photos from my MFA ClassFor this week, I had to photograph some images to expand my portfolio for class. Since I am working on my street photography portfolio, I though…
Welcome on This Week's PhotowalkAs the seasons change, the same scene transforms into a new setting for the subjects of the town. While at a glance, you think you have already …

August 2022

You just have to live with what is happening right now
Over the past two months, I have refreshed my mind by drawing on a new perspective of a country in Central America known as Costa Rica. I visited a…

March 2022

In my humble opinion

February 2022

The Nikon 5600 has been a faithful start
You might find something you weren't looking for
Some photos are so dynamic. They capture a story in so many words that a paragraph could describe. When a great picture is captured it's like magic…

October 2021

How to merge photos to make stunning exposures