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The Gift of Music is One of the Best Gifts You Can Give to Anyone

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Find Francophones Across the Atlantic

Spanish is Probably One of the Most Useful Languages You Can Learn

Instead, Use Language as a Tasty Meal to Savor

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The Best Film Photography Cameras of 2022

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Tell Tell Signs You are a True Writer

Happy Hispanic Heritage Month

I Guess Cinderella Stories Can Even Exist In Real Life

Memento Mori: A Phrase To Remind You to Check off Your Bucket List

There Are No "What Ifs" in Life

Some of the Best Millennial Era Movies

What Visiting Costa Rica Has done for my Street Photography

How to take advantage of dry seasons in creativity

True Artists Understand The Method to Their Own Madness

French Songs of the Past Make Me Feel Cultured

One of my Favorite Songs from Jeremy Frerot

The Resilience of Claude Monet

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What makes photography art

Prayers for Ukraine

You'll Never Guess This Quirky Habit I have That Has Turned Into a Travelling Tradition

Try This Hack Recipe For Deviled Eggs

Wanderlust Calls For Adventure

Explore Florida Through the Lens of Your Camera

Come Visit The Fortress Divided by Two Waters

Drawing with Pastels is Like a Dream

Choosing the right paint for beginners

What I Think of my First Camera

Start Keeping a Photo Journal

I'm just now understanding my cultural identity as a second generation Hispanic American

If You Didn't Have a Pandemic Project, You Felt Like You Were Missing Out-- Here's Mine

I adopted these new habits from my experiences abroad

Finding yourself through a new art medium

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Job Searching For Remote Work is Hard These Days

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You Won't Believe Where My Last Girl's Trip Took Me

How to Get Into a Writer's Frame of Mind

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A New Year Includes New Challenges and I've Signed Up For The First of The Year